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School curriculum

The curriculum at John Hellins Primary School

At John Hellins Primary School we are committed to developing confident, enthusiastic and effective learners.  To achieve this we provide opportunities for all children to fulfil their potential through a commitment to high standards and excellence.

Our innovative curriculum is one of the main strengths of our school.  Our children are motivated, engaged and able to demonstrate independent learning.  

Our core principles for teaching and learning are:

  • Set high expectations and give every learner the confidence they can succeed
  • Establish what learners already know and build on it
  • Structure the pace and the learning to make it challenging and enjoyable
  • Inspire learning through a passion for the subject
  • Make individuals active participants in their learning
  • Develop learning skills and personal qualities.

Our curriculum is the vehicle through which we achieve this and we ensure it is engaging, broad and rich .

From September 2014 have been following the new National Curriculum.  Our project themes are built around the children's interests, this ensures high levels of engagement.  Our highly skilled teachers ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum through these projects, across the year and over time.  Details of each classes curriculum, their current project map and examples of previous project maps can be viewed on the class pages.  If you would like to know more about our curriculum please speak to the Headteacher or your child's teacher.