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Pupil and Family Wellbeing

Hi, my name is Gill Wilcox and I am the Pupil and Family Wellbeing Leader here at John Hellins Primary School. My role is to provide pastoral support to the pupils and families of our school, helping with any issues you may have in relation to supporting your children both at home and at school. 

I can be contacted in many different ways – some of you may like to come in for a cup of tea and a chat, whilst others may prefer a visit at home, a phone call or an email conversation. Wherever possible, I would like to do what works best for you – things can be as informal or formal as you like and everything will remain confidential.

As a mother, I know well how life can throw some challenging times and obstacles at us all. Amongst other things, I have personal experience of medical conditions and special educational needs as well as all the emotional and behavioural challenges that parenthood throws at us! I have also experienced time as both a working mum and lone parent.  I am here to help others through difficult times and to work through any concerns and worries you may have about your children at school or at home.  I hope that I can draw upon my own experiences to talk things through, find a solution or point you in the right direction. It doesn't always have to be about your children, other things in your life can affect them too – and if things are concerning you, children often pick up on this and become unsettled themselves. I will also be available at school for your children to talk to if they have any worries or concern themselves.

I work with external agencies, local secondary schools and preschools to enable me to help you with school transitions, health services and financial entitlements to name but a few – ensuring that you can access the right information and to sign-post help where it is needed.  I am also available to help with practical problems such as any school administration or paperwork that you would like support with.

I am looking forward to holding termly coffee mornings when social distancing rules allow where you can come into school and have a coffee and a chat with me and/or other parents. I will also be arranging workshops for families and parents so please let me know if you have any ideas or areas of interest you would like me to develop.

At school, I run interventions for individual children or groups of children who need that extra bit of help with specific areas of the curriculum or require emotional or behavioural support.

The main objective for me is to provide a strong, supportive link between home and school and to establish an open communication and support network. I welcome any ideas that you may have for how you can be further supported.  I can be contacted by email on or by telephone on 01908 542405. I will also be around in the mornings when school opens, so please feel free to grab me at the gates or on the playground. 


John Hellins Primary School has three Designated Safeguarding Leads. Should you have any safeguarding concerns, the following DSL's can be contacted on 01908 542405: 

            Gill Wilcox 
     Jodie Matthews
       Cathryn Akrill