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Hodgkin Class

In Hodgkin Class (Year 5), we fully embrace the new Primary Strategy and through it we teach a wide, interesting and challenging curriculum.  Our projects are influenced by the children's interests, and highly skilled teaching ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum objectives across the year and over time.  Our projects run for the entire term and involve exciting opportunities including trips, visitors, engineering days, 'Wow Days' and dress-up days.

Our Project is 'The Wild, Wild West', and is a study of the North American continent.  Our Big Question is, 'What was life like in those times, and what was the Gold Rush, and who went on it.’

We will start the term off with a study of North America and the 15 countries and 550 million people it is made up from.  We start the term looking more closely at Mexico and our Superb Starter will be a look at the 'Day of the Dead' festival that they celebrate, using the animated films 'Coco' and 'The book of life', which will be the inspiration for the artwork that we produce during the day.  On this day we will also be looking at seasonal foods and making a vegetable chilli, mount nachos and some Mexican flavoured rice, yum, yum. 

Our ‘Mix-it-up Middle’ will move to the top of the continent to Canada when we will celebrate 'Victoria Day' in May.  This is a day when we will look at why and how the Canadians celebrate on this day, it will be a typically British celebration, with us all wearing our best tea party clothes. We will also have a Canadian visitor to tell us about life in Canada.  Our ‘Enthralling Ending’ will be an American extravaganza and will coincide with American Independence on the fourth of July!  On the day we will celebrate all things from the USA and have a day of fun outdoor activities.  

Across the term we have a range of texts we will be studying and these include ‘White Fang’ and ‘The call of the wild’, both of these are about wild wolves; we will also be looking at traditional Native American Folk tales and their meanings.  Our learning environment is going to be very 'Wild West' as you would expect with a saloon area, cart wheels everywhere, a tepee, and even a horse!!

In English we will be looking at a variety of genres of writing including diary entries, persuasive letter writing, non-chronological reports, newspapers, playscripts and film narratives and many more.  We will also have a two-week block of poetry.

We teach maths in practical and exciting ways to deepen the children's understanding, ensuring that the children master the skills with fluency, being able to use reason and apply their skills, thus providing a solid foundation to build on in Year 6.  Our maths will mostly be standalone, however there are several times where we can work cross-curricular including looking at tables and data from the population of the continent, holiday costings for a trip to Disney Land and the rate of exchange between the dollar and pound. 

In Art we will continue to build up our sketch book work looking at various artists like Frida Kahlo and making some mixed media work, collage work and some fine pencil work based on her art.  We will also be looking at Native American paintings and art inspired by the Day of the Dead festival.

Across the term we will be using the laptops to present data in graphs and pie chart, we will be using the green screening apps on the iPads to create newspaper reports, and we will be learning coding skills using Scratch. 

Our PE topics for the term include tag-rugby, athletics, striking and fielding games, and as much running around the running track as we can manage!

We will teach our RE through a series of celebration days, this term we will learn about Islam looking at what the 5 Pillars of Islam are, then in the second half of the term we have a 'Big Question' day.  This will be looking at what it means to be a person of faith in 2021.

In Hodgkin Class we always ensure that the children have an amazing and fun experience, creating memories that will stay with the children for a lifetime.  This is an absolutely packed topic and I am so looking forward to teaching it, and enjoying the lovely sunshine and outdoor space as much as we can.