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Einstein Class

In Einstein Class we follow the National Curriculum for Numeracy and Literacy. Our creative curriculum allows us to link, through projects all the other curriculum areas of: Science, History, Geography, DT, Art, Music, Cooking and Nutrition and Computing.

Our Summer project is called ‘Empires and Emperors’ We will be linking periods of History and looking at when the Romans were around in comparison to the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age (the topic we have just visited!) Our projects run for a term and they involve exciting days for the children including trips, visitors, child led ‘Google’ days and WOW days.

During our Science lessons we will study the digestive system in animals and humans, the human skeleton and muscular system and we will also be Identifying different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.

Our History work will be an in-depth study of The Roman Empire. Including: Julius Caesar, Famous Roman Landmarks (Colosseum) , how the rich and the poor lived during the Roman Empire, the start of the Roman Empire in the UK, the size of the Roman Empire, Roman Gods and religion in the Roman Empire.

In Music, we will begin listening to a wide range of modern, classical and historical music including Monophonic Roman Music and Roman music competitions. We will listen to early Roman music and compare to modern day, more complex melodic music.

During our Art lessons we will work with clay; designing and creating Roman inspired busts, as well as creating Roman inspired pots and bowls. Focussing on the skills of; joining clay, imprinting on clay and layering clay to create a design. We will also be looking at mosaics and the repeated patterns created by the Romans.

Our Geography work will be based on Italy and the scale of the Roman Empire, understanding where in the world the Roman empire was located at it’s biggest.

In computing, we will look at creating an information film about the Roman Empire and will continue to look at editing and improving photography. We will also discuss internet safety.

The Summer RE topics are; Islam and Big Questions. We will be looking at what followers of Islam believe and how they worship. The ‘Big Questions’ we will be looking at are:

Whose World is it?

How to religions help people spiritually, physically and mentally?

What are the various religious symbols and why are they significant?


Superb starter –  Cooking – Roman Tiger Nut Sweets – One of the oldest recipes in history, found on a piece of clay.

Mix it up middle – Clay Day – Designing and creating a Roman Bust  

Enthralling ending – We will finish with a trip!