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Einstein Class

In Einstein Class (Year 3) we teach fun and engaging topics aimed at capturing the children’s interests, whist covering the objectives in the National Curriculum. Our project is; “It’s a Jungle Out There!” During this topic we will look at what life would be like in a jungle, why the jungles are so important to the Earth, as well as looking into the countries that contain them, such as Brazil and China! We will also be comparing and contrasting rainforest jungles to the concrete jungles that humans have created; Cities! 

Beginning with our superb starter, we will begin the topic by locating where in the world the ‘Jungles’ are; dense parts of the rainforests that are located in Central and South America as well as parts of Africa and India! We will home in on Brazil and look into their culture; including football, samba music, art (specifically by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes) and carnival; which will be the inspiration for the day, where we will listen to and create samba music, make carnival head dresses, and be dressed in our brightest clothes! 

For our ‘Mix it up middle’, we will visit India and look at the festival of light; Diwali (which is on 4th November). We will create art with Rangoli patterns and look at the culture of India and the activities of the festival itself. 

Our Enthralling ending will take us to another continent to explore the jungles of China! We will look at Chinese culture and learn a traditional Chinese dragon dance. We will look forward to celebrating a new year. We will compare our new year date to Chinese New Year and explore their calendar (12th February), we will also prepare with fireworks art and design our own lanterns!

The classroom will be transformed a jungle, with vines and leaves hanging down. We will have displays of key texts such as; The Great Kapok Tree and Lord of the Forest, a display of layers of the rainforest and on our table top displays we will have artefacts from our missing explorer and a maths continuous provision area. 

There will be opportunity for cross-curricular writing in Science, during experiments into food chains and diets and healthy eating, as well as in history when researching the ancient civilisation of The Mayans!

We will be having weekly French lessons, which will aim to introduce the children to the language and give them plenty of practice speaking. They will learn greetings and colours and as they progress through key stage 2 they will build more on this. 

Science topics will include food chains, which we can link nicely to the animals of the Jungle, as well as light and shadow and states of matter. We aim to teach science in a practical way and allow the children to experiment.

RE days will be looking at Christianity and Hinduism. During Christianity, we will be looking at why symbols are important to Christians, the layout of a church and importance of stained glass and learning all about saints and discussing why they are important to Christians. Our Hinduism work will go into Diwali, how god is worshipped by Hindus and looking at Hindu stories. 

During our music lessons we will be listening to a variety of music styles and discussing instrumentation used, this will work well with our Carnival celebration day! We will experiment with sounds we can make using our bodies and look into traditional music made by people of the rainforests; how does this compare to western modern music?  It will be a very busy topic that takes us across the globe and I look forward to teaching it!