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Edison Class

In Edison Class (Year 2), we learn through a range of exciting projects. This term Edison Class’ new topic will be ‘Tales from Around the World’. The classroom features a cosy reading area, complete with a backdrop of planet earth as well as engaging activity areas to develop the children’s independent and fine motor skills. As a class, we will be learning about the world we live in; gathering and evaluating information from atlases, maps and online platforms, such as google earth. It is going to be a very interesting topic and the children will have plenty of opportunities to produce beautiful pieces of art work.

We teach literacy through our project, with many opportunities for the children to write, developing their grammar, punctuation and spelling. Our book units this term link closely the theme for the term including ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’, ‘A flower in the Snow’ and ‘Katie in London’.

Mathematics is also linked to our project and covers the curriculum for Year 2. We teach maths in practical and exciting ways to deepen the children's understanding. This term, areas covered includes place value, counting numbers and money.

We also use of the Forest School area for maths, literacy and project.  Outside learning gives children a fantastic opportunity to explore and be creative and so where possible, reading and creating stories will take place within the Forest School.