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Curie Class

In Curie Class we follow the National Curriculum for Numeracy and Literacy. Our creative curriculum is based on projects; we link the projects to all areas of the National Curriculum. These areas are: Science, Geography, History, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Cooking and Nutrition and Computing.

During our project, we aim to have opportunities for children to enhance their Literacy skills; writing at length as well as focusing specifically on grammar, punctuation and spelling objectives.

Mathematics is also included, where possible, in our project and covers the objectives in the Year 4 curriculum. We teach Maths in practical and exciting ways, ensuring we deepen the understanding that children have of the three key areas; Problem solving, Reasoning, and Fluency.

Our projects run for a term and they involve exciting days for the children including trips, visitors, child led ‘Google’ days and WOW days.

The Summer Term project is called, “Walk like an Egyptian.”

During our Science lessons we will study the digestive system in animals and humans, the human skeleton and muscular system and we will also be Identifying different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.

Our History work will be an in-depth study of Ancient Egypt including: Howard Carter, Tutankhamun, hieroglyphics, mummification, the Sphinx, the eye of Horus and Pyramids.

Our Music curriculum will include: understanding and appreciating a wide range of live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians, listening to and appreciating Folkloric music, which is Egyptian folk music, including the composer - Mohamed el Sayed.

During our Art lessons we will work with clay; designing and creating canopic jars. We will be studying Egyptian textiles and comparing them to those in the UK, then we will be creating needlework based on zig zag stitches and chain stitches with a link to hieroglyphics. We will also study the mid twentieth century artists Said al-Adawy (1938–1973) and Effat Naghi (1905–1994). These artists used geometry and pattern in their art work, giving us a link to Maths.

Our Geography work will be based on Egypt, its physical and human features and the neighbouring countries.

In our Computing lessons we will focus on filming and editing. We will create Discovery Channel style films based on Howard Carter interviews. We will also incorporate internet safety on a regular basis.

Our Summer RE themes are Islam and Big Questions. We will be studying the Islamic sacred texts, have discussions about what a Hajj is, and where Muslims go for theirs and why.  Big questions for us to answer are: how do stories of faith guide people's lives? How do different religions believe the world was created? What do different religions believe will happen to us after we die?

Superb starter – Healthy lifestyle week. Planning, preparing and cooking a healthy Mediterranean meal.

Mix it up middle – Clay week. Designing and creating clay canopic jars.

Enthralling ending – Trip to Abington Park Museum for the Egypt experience.