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Anning Class

In Anning class (year 6), we strive to meet all aspects of the National Curriculum through exciting, engaging and interesting planning. Our projects will always be influenced by the children’s interests and, through high quality teaching, will meet key objectives within the curriculum. We teach daily maths, Literacy and spelling sessions alongside our project.

This term, our project is ‘Tales From Around the World’ with a specific focus on culture, religion and festivals. In Literacy, the children will be linked to our topic as the children explore stories from various countries, such as Mexico and Greece, and will also coincide with our class read: The Boy at the Back of the Class. The children will have opportunities to read and write every day in school – this will be enhanced through our project. We will also teach key spelling, punctuation and grammar skills (SPaG) so that the children can enhance their writing further.

Our project will heavily focus on geography and art this term. The children will explore maps and coordinates, continents (such as Asia and South America), oceans and capital cities. In art, the children will have the opportunity to compile their own sketch book. They will look at art with a cultural influence, as well as mark making, colour, shading and shape. They will analyse and replicate artist’s work and produce work for displaying in the classroom too.

Maths, where possible, will be linked to our project, such as coordinates within our map topic. We will begin with a focus on arithmetic too, then incorporate geometry, algebra, data and ratio skills.

Our aim in Anning class is for the children to develop their confidence, have fun, ask questions and create lasting memories in their final year of primary school.