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Anning Class

In Anning class (Year 6), we are driven to ensure that all children receive a fun, engaging and challenging whole class project, alongside the National Curriculum expectations. We will be teaching maths, English (reading and writing) and spellings every day to enable the children to make the necessary progress and solidify their understanding before transitioning to secondary school.

In the Summer term, our whole class project will be called: When I Grow Up. As this will be the children’s last full term at John Hellins, we will endeavour to provide them with an exciting and unique project that covers many areas of the National Curriculum, as well as being memorable and hopefully a project they recollect fondly for years to come. The aim of our project is for the children to attend the ‘University of John Hellins’; they will learn about a wide range of fantastic professions that they will ‘graduate’ in once completing a week’s ‘course’. There will be elements of: dentistry, art and design, construction and architecture, music, engineering, business and computer science, history, catering and a whole lot more! We will also aim to have a ‘Speaker a Week’ Zoom into the classroom to further educate the children on a specific profession. We always want our Year 6 pupils to dream big and know that anything is possible: this project will facilitate that and allow them to embrace their future goals and ambitions.

Our English lessons will link directly to our project and there will be opportunity to write every day. Specifically, the children will explore and write: information texts, film and theatre scripts, stories, autobiographies and biographies, advertisements and recipes.

Maths, where possible, will also be linked to our project. The children will further their arithmetic and reasoning skills, as well as focus on key skills that they will need later in life, such as inputting data in Microsoft Excel, money and budgeting, telling the time, conducting mathematical experiments and recording information.

The Summer term will truly be a magnificent, magical and memorable experience for all the children in Anning Class; we can’t wait to see them flourish and prepare for their journey through to secondary school.