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Anning Class

In Anning class (year 6), we strive to meet all aspects of the National Curriculum through exciting, engaging and interesting projects. Our projects are always influenced and inspired by the children’s interests and, through high quality teaching, will meet learning objectives within the curriculum. We teach daily Maths, English and spelling sessions alongside our amazing project.
This term, our project is all about China! The children will be completely immersed in the lifestyles of Ancient China (and the Shang Dynasty) and modern China. They will explore historical artefacts, transport, temples and culture, as well as gaining an understanding of the similarities and differences between our lifestyle and the lifestyle of Chinese children. We will learn about dragons and use stories and picture books to deepen our knowledge of these fascinating, mythological creatures. In art, we will experiment with Chinese calligraphy and begin to compile our sketchbooks for recording artist studies and sketches. Probably most exciting of all – we will get to sample and review some Chinese food and learn about fortune cookies!
In Anning class, we provide the children with the opportunity to write every day. With such an exciting topic, we will be able to produce many engaging texts, such as: diary entries, non-chronological reports; fact-files; comparative writing; and, of course, lots of stories! We will use challenging and high-quality texts to inspire writing and provide good stimuli to allow the children to make great writing progress.
Maths, where possible, will be linked to our project, such as coordinates within our map topic. We will begin with a focus on arithmetic too, then incorporate geometry, algebra, data and ratio skills.
Our aim in Anning class is for the children to develop confidence and self-esteem; engage in rich and exciting learning; and, most importantly, create lasting memories in their final year at John Hellins.