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John Hellins Primary School

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Anning Class

In Anning class (Year 6), we ensure all children are provided with quality teaching in all areas of the Year 6 National Curriculum. By providing daily literacy and maths lessons, the children will be immersed in this as well as their current project.

Our project for this term is Scandinavian Expedition. Where possible, literacy will be included in this. There will be opportunities for children to read and write every day, whilst creatively exploring the countries that make up Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Our class reader this term is the fantastic ‘She Wolf’ by Dan Smith. Within our literacy lessons there will also be a clear focus on spellings, grammar and punctuation which will begin to prepare the children for their SATs tests next year.

In maths, the children will be getting to grips with place value, arithmetic, measure, statistics and all the reasoning behind this. We aim for the children to be achieving fluency in maths, therefore will provide them with relevant and challenging problem solving skills.

Within the teaching of our exciting project, there will be plenty of opportunities for the children to be creative with art expression, explore the historical Viking relevance and analyse the geographical importance of the Northern Lights. Famous figures in art and pop culture will also be explored. The children will gain an understanding of ABBA and their relevance to today’s music industry, as well as exploring artists such as Edvard Munch who painted ‘The Scream’. As our project is always child led, there will be trips and visitors, WOW days, dress up days and Google days too.

The overall aim of this project is to provide children with some fantastic memories and a wider understanding of such interesting and influential countries.





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