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John Hellins Primary School

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Curie Class

In Curie Class we follow the National Curriculum for Numeracy and Literacy. Our creative curriculum is based on projects; we link the projects to all areas of the National Curriculum. These areas are: Science, Geography, History, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Cooking and Nutrition and Computing.

During our project, we aim to have opportunities for children to enhance their Literacy skills; writing at length as well as focusing specifically on grammar, punctuation and spelling objectives.

Mathematics is also included, where possible, in our project and covers the objectives in the Year 4 and 5 curriculum. We teach Maths in practical and exciting ways, ensuring we deepen the understanding that children have of the three key areas; Problem solving, Reasoning, and Fluency.

Our projects run for a term and they involve exciting days for the children including trips, visitors, child led ‘Google’ days and WOW days.

The Summer project in Curie Class is “World Kitchen”.

We will research where our food comes from, the journey of food from the field to the fork, pollution and GM crops and the effects of weather on crops. We will investigate diets and lifestyles, including links to religious festivals and the history of foods. The children will design invitations, work to a budget, prepare and serve food for our GBBO afternoon tea party.

Every week we will prepare and cook a different dish from around the world. We will then try the dish, hoping that the children will try foods that they haven’t tried before. We will also have: a fruit week, a tea week, a breakfast week and a breakfast juice week.

Our art work will focus on still life, Andy Warhol and Giuseppe Acrimboldo.

The children will have a visit from a chef, an athlete and Diane from Tesco. We will also go on a trip to Pizza Express and Rushden Lakes.

We will link our literacy to the project, reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “George’s Marvellous Medicine”.

  1. Year 3 - 4 and 5 - 6 Common Words (1)
  2. Reading Guidance Booklet Sept 2018
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  4. Curie Class Project Planning Summer 2019
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