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John Hellins Primary School

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Einstein Class

In Einstein Class, we are devoted to ensuring the children have a rich and engaging learning experience inside and outside the classroom. As always, our project follows the National Curriculum guidelines and has been influenced by the children’s interests. For the spring term, our project will inspire creative writing, WOW days and a fabulous trip!

Our project for this term is ‘We’ll Meet Again’, inspired by the events of World War Two. Our learning environment mirrors this therefore the children are immersed in the excitement of the project for the duration of the term. We will be looking at the role of Britain and Germany during this time, as well as propaganda, life as an evacuee and coding.

Throughout this project, there are lots of opportunities for the children to engage in cross-curricular learning. We will explore Albert Einstein and his scientific discoveries, as well as light and sound. There will be plenty of music, dancing and singing opportunities too, as we delve into life for children in an air raid shelter.

Literacy will be taught throughout our project where possible, meaning plenty of opportunities to write each week. More specifically, our focus will be on poetry during World War 2; the children will have an opportunity to show off their creativity by composing their own poetry. As radio was an extremely useful tool of communication during the war, the children will also have the chance to write their own radio segment. Our trip to Bletchley Park will inspire writing too, as well as our own Evacuee Day.

Where possible, mathematics will be linked to our project. We aim to plan and teach maths in an engaging and practical manner so that the children are able to progress through the curriculum. This means that the children will have the tools they need to master the Year 3/4 curriculum statements.

Spring term will be extremely fun, practical and immersive for the children in Einstein class, with learning at the heart of each and every lesson. 

  1. Year 3 - 4 and 5 - 6 Common Words (1)
  2. Einstein Class Project Planning Spring 2019
  3. Einstein Class Project Planning Diagran Spring 2019
  4. Einstein Class Spelling Guidance Booklet Spring 2019
  5. Reading Guidance Booklet Sept 2018