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John Hellins Primary School

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Edison Class

In Einstein Class, we are keen to ensure all children have a rich, varied and creative experience at school. As usual, our project for this term will follow the National Curriculum guidelines and has been influenced by the children and their interests. The summer term project will inspire fantastic writing and include a trip, WOW days and science experiments.

Our final project of the year is titled: ‘Water, Water Everywhere’. The children will be fully immersed in the topic and overwheled by the importance of water and it's relevance on planet Earth. Specifically, we will study the history of water based features such as: canals, wells, rivers, oceans and ponds. We will look at Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series and delve into life under the sea plus we will explore the critical importance of climate change and the impact of water on the human body.

Through this project, there will be plenty of opportunities for cross-curricular learning. The children will engage in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sessions, particularly linked to buoyancy, boiling and melting points, oil spills and raft building in D&T. History will also explored, focusing specifically on Roman bath spas their impact on the development of medicine.

Literacy will be taught within our project as much as possible and the children will be continuing to develop their writing and reading skills through this too. Specifically, our focus will link to a wide range of writing formats, such as: scripts for performance, instructional based texts, letters, descriptive writing and non-chronological reports. The children will be provided with the opportunity to write every day and encouraged to include a variety of devices, grammatical features and interesting choices of vocabulary.

Where possible, mathematics will also be linked to our water based project. The children will engage in statistics and data, analysing results from a rain monitor that we will set up. Maths is always taught in a fun, creative and practical way so that the children can make the necessary progress through the curriculum. All children will be provided with the teaching needed to achieve the year 3 and 4 statements.

Our final term at school will be hugely fun and engaging for all children, with such an interesting and relevant topic to study. We look forward to sharing lots of successes and learning throughout the summer term. 

  1. Edison Class Project Planning Diagram Spring 2019
  2. Edison Class Project Planning Spring 2018