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John Hellins Primary School

Being the best we can be


Newton Class

In Newton Class (Year 1), we make sure the children have a rich and engaging learning experience inside and outside the classroom.  Our project follows the National Curriculum guidelines and has been influenced by the children’s interests. For the Autumn Term, our theme is ‘Autumn Pumpkins and Magical Me.’

Our learning environment is set up so that the children are immersed in the excitement of the project for the duration of the term. We are going to start with talking  about our families and all about us and progress to healthy eating, growing pumpkins, making soup and ending with celebrations held during the Autumn term.

Throughout this project, there are lots of opportunities for the children to engage in cross-curricular learning. We will explore the bones in a human body and make soup from the pumpkins grown as well as learn to read maps and follow routes with a compass to find our way.

Where possible, mathematics will be linked to our project. We aim to plan and teach maths in an engaging and practical manner so that the children are able to progress through the curriculum. This means that the children will have the tools they need to master the Year 1 curriculum statements. We will teach phonics daily and have plenty of opportunity to use the phonics learned throughout the day in class.


  1. Newton 2019 Long Term plan
  2. Newton 2019 Autumn Flow Diagram