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John Hellins Primary School

Being the best we can be

Health and Wellbeing


We work hard to provide a positive experience for our children at lunchtime. We recognise that lunchtime is a very important part of the day – both physically and emotionally. Our Lunchtime Supervisors encourage children to eat and drink healthily and to try new foods. We strive to create a relaxed and sociable feel within our Lunch Hall with table cloths, jugs and music. Children are encouraged to chat to their friends and have an allocated period of time within which to be seated. Outisde, we have a range of toys and equipment to facilitate exercise, social interaction and fun! We have dedicated play leaders who organise different sports and games each day. Our team of Lunchtime Buddies, made up of children from KS2 who successfully applied for the positions, help younger children in the lunch hall and on the playground – watching out for children at our “I need somebody to play with” bus stop. The Lunchtime Buddies meet with our Lead Lunchtime Supervisor every half term to review how lunchtimes are going and to suggest and discuss new ideas.

Our brand new trim trail will be installed on the field during May. We look forward to seeing the children enjoying this lovely new equipment.