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John Hellins Primary School

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Hodgkin Class

In Hodgkin Class (Year 5), we fully embrace the new Primary Strategy and through it we teach a wide, interesting and challenging curriculum.  Our projects are influenced by the children's interests, and highly skilled teaching ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum objectives across the year and over time.  Our projects run for the entire term and involve exciting opportunities including trips, visitors, engineering days, 'Wow Days' and dress-up days.

Our current project is ‘Clocks, cogs and gears’ which is looking at the mechanics of how things work.  We will be looking at clocks and how to tell the time, we will be make our own inventions, learn about different construction techniques and build our own prototypes.  This topic lends itself to lots of science work, from exploring the forces that act upon us, the construction of electrical circuits and their associated symbols and several related experiments. We will be creating lots of artwork, which will be based on the surrealists Dali and his melting clocks, DNA and 3D birds (to explore air resistance).

We teach literacy through our project where possible, there will be many opportunities for the children to write at length, developing their grammar, punctuation and spelling. We will be writing character profiles of the main characters in our books, Cogheart (Peter Buntz) and Clockwork (Phillip Pullman), newspaper articles and adventure stories.  We will also be creating non-chronological reports on Dorothy Hodgkin the scientist, who our class is named after. 

This term we have an exciting trip planned, several themed weeks including: Maths week, Science week, DT week and Money week.  We have several visitors coming to speak to us on science, design and managing money and a fundraising activity just before half term.

Maths, where possible, is linked to our project and covers the curriculum for Year 5. We teach maths in practical and exciting ways to deepen the children's understanding, ensuring that the children master the skills with fluency, being able to use reason and apply their skills, thus providing a solid foundation to build on in Year 6.
This term in PE we will be taking part in striking and fielding activities and track and field athletics (both indoor and outdoor). 

In Hodgkin Class we always ensure that the children have an amazing and fun experience, creating memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.


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