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John Hellins Primary School

Being the best we can be


Class 5

In Class 5, we fully embrace the new primary strategy and through it we teach a wide, interesting and challenging curriculum.  Our projects are influenced by the children’s interests, and highly skilled teaching ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum objectives across the year and over time.  Our projects run for the entire term and involve exciting opportunities including trips, visitors, engineering days, ‘Wow Days’ and dress-up days.

Our current project is ‘Scream if you want to go faster' and we will be looking at the history of theme parks and fairgrounds, the forces that act on you while you are on rides, and also how these rides are constructed safely.  We will look at the shapes used in construction, and design and build our own rides from various materials.  It is planned that we will be having numerous visiting speakers, trips to a theme park, and the topic with culminate in a Christmas Celebration put on by the children.

We teach literacy through our project where possible, with many opportunities for the children to write at length, developing their grammar, punctuation and spelling. There are occasions where we may have a book unit, focusing on a particular author.

Mathematics where possible is linked to our project and covers the curriculum for years 5 and 6. We teach maths in practical and exciting ways to deepen the children’s understanding, ensuring that the children master the skills with fluency, being able to use reason and apply their skills.
As well as entering as many cluster sporting competitions as we can, we also have intra-school cross-country competitions, regularly attend the Woodford Halse cross-country event, and hold our own annual John Hellins Strictly Dancing Competition.

In Class 5 we always ensure that the children have an amazing and fun time before the Year 6 children head off to start their next adventure in secondary school.



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