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John Hellins Primary School

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Curie Class

In Curie Class we follow the National Curriculum for Numeracy and Literacy. Our creative curriculum is based on projects; we link the projects to all areas of the National Curriculum. These areas are: Science, Geography, History, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Cooking and Nutrition and Computing.

During our project, we aim to have opportunities for children to enhance their Literacy skills; writing at length as well as focusing specifically on grammar, punctuation and spelling objectives.

Mathematics is also included, where possible, in our project and covers the objectives in the Year 4 and 5 curriculum. We teach Maths in practical and exciting ways, ensuring we deepen the understanding that children have of the three key areas; Problem solving, Reasoning, and Fluency.

Our projects run for a term and they involve exciting days for the children including trips, visitors, child led ‘Google’ days and WOW days.

The Autumn project in Curie Class is “The sword in the stone”.

During this project we will study where the Anglo-Saxons came from and why they settled in Britain. We will investigate many areas, including: work, family life, religion, kings and kingdoms, farming, castles, battles and weapons, dragons and runes. We will also research the myths and legends linked to the Anglo-Saxons – King Arthur and Beowulf.

The children will research how life for the Anglo-Saxons changed over time and how different life for children was during Anglo-Saxon times. We will create wonderful art work including: clay rune stones, weaving tapestries, brooches, burial masks, shields and elaborate manuscripts.

During the Autumn term we will visit Warwick castle and study the architecture and history of the castle. We will watch falconry displays and jousting.

To end our project, we will take part in a class archery competition and celebrate our learning with a special feast day.



  1. Curie Class Project Diagram Autumn 2018
  2. C4 Project Planning Autumn 2018
  3. C4 Spelling Guidance Booklet Autumn 2018
  4. Year 3 - 4 and 5 - 6 Common Words (1)