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John Hellins Primary School

Being the best we can be


Class 2

In Class 2, we learn through a range of exciting projects. This term our Class 2’s topic will be ‘If You Go down to the Woods Today’. This is going to be an amazing term and the children will have an enjoyable experience over the next 12 weeks. Our classroom has been divided into sections: An excellent reading area, taking you into what looks like a real jungle, a minibeast corner with a real life bugs home and an additional reading and work area; including a sofa and comfy stalls. We will focus on having an in depth understating of the natural world we live in, including habitats and food chains; comparing and contrasting, deforestation and the impacts this has on habitats and wild animals and finally, the importance of recycling.


We teach literacy through our project, with many opportunities for the children to write, developing their grammar, punctuation and spelling. Our book units this term link closely to the woods, jungle and rainforest. Some of the books to be taught include ‘Rumble in the Jungle’; rich in poetry linked to a variety of animals and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’; retelling a beautiful, traditional tale.


Mathematics is also linked to our project and covers the curriculum for Year 2. We teach maths in practical and exciting ways to deepen the children's understanding. We also make good use of the Forest Schools area for maths, literacy and project.  Outside learning gives children a fantastic opportunity to explore and be creative and so where possible, reading stories and creating magical characters will take place within the forest school.

  1. C2 Project Planning 1 Summer 2018
  2. C2 Project Planning 2 Summer 2018
  3. C2 Project Planning Diagram Summer 2018