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John Hellins Primary School

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Anning Class

In Anning Class, we fully embrace the new Primary Strategy and through it we teach a wide, interesting and challenging curriculum.  Our projects are influenced by the children's interests, and highly skilled teaching ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum objectives across the year and over time.  Our projects run for the entire term and involve exciting opportunities including trips, visitors, engineering days, 'Wow Days' and dress-up days.

Our current project is ‘All about Anning’ which is an investigation into the life and times of Mary Anning, a 18th Century fossil finder and scientist.  We will be looking at her life, and the major events that happened during her life time, such as The Battle of Waterloo, the first photograph that was taken and the abolition of slavery.

This topic lends itself to lots science work, from looking at the forces that act upon us, the different states of materials, their properties, and also life cycles. We will be creating lots of artwork which will be based on fossils including: sketching, painting, clay work and printing. 

We teach literacy through our project where possible, with there will be many opportunities for the children to write at length, developing their grammar, punctuation and spelling. We will be writing persuasive letters to allow us to dig up an ancient fossil site, be creating care plans for newly discovered animals, and completing descriptive writing on what is inside an egg, and then describing it as hatches.  We will be having various visitors in over the term to give the children a greater insight into the topic, and we are also planning a trip to the Big Bang Event at Silverstone, and also a trip at the end of the term to the Oxford University Natural History Museum.

Mathematics where possible is linked to our project and covers the curriculum for years 5 and 6. We teach maths in practical and exciting ways to deepen the children's understanding, ensuring that the children master the skills with fluency, being able to use reason and apply their skills.
This term in PE we will be going swimming and playing netball.  Upcoming cluster sporting competitions include: netball, sportshall athletics and three cross country events!

In Anning Class we always ensure that the children have an amazing and fun time before the Year 6 children head off to start their next adventure in secondary school in September 2019!


  1. Year 3 - 4 and 5 - 6 Common Words (1)
  2. Anning Class Project Planning Spring 2019 1
  3. Anning Class Project Planning Spring 2019 2
  4. Anning Class Spelling Guidance Booklet Spring 2019
  5. Reading Guidance Booklet Sept 2018
  6. Anning Class Project Planning Diagram Spring 2019